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ESI Sysweld Software Suite for Engineering

Software suite for engineering calculations and simulation of heat treatment of metals and welding processes, internal stress, strain, hardness and strength of materials subjected to technological processing.

About ESI Group

The company ESI Group - the French company, founded in 1973, is the absolute leader in the creation of cross-CAD in the automotive industry, including programs for virtual testing of prototypes and production process modeling.

About ESI SysWeld

SysWeld program was developed in the 70 years in the Ministry of Atomic Industry of France, then was transferred to the commercial introduction of the French firm FRAMASOFT SA, branch company FRAMATOME, widely known throughout the world in the development of technologies used in nuclear industry. Company FRAMASOFT S.A. made from SYSWELD powerful suite of virtual simulation of welding and heat treatment for a variety of applications.

Capabilities of physical modeling:

- Laser welding joints
- Spot welding joints
- Arc welding Tungsten inert gas
- Welding of a metal electrode in an inert gas
- Multi-layer welding
- Friction Welding
- Heat treatment

The possibility of modeling of heat treatment processes:

- Through-hardening
- Surface hardening
- Quenching and subsequent annealing
- Holidays
- Tempering on the austenite
- Thermochemical surface treatment: carburizing, nitriding, carbonitriding, Cyanidation

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