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Autodesk Maya 2011 Sp1

Autodesk Maya SP1[Included New Features] (05.03.2011/ENG) | 1.69 GB

Autodesk Maya offers a cross-cutting experts of the creative process with a complete set of tools for 3D animation, modeling, simulations, and visual effects, rendering, compositing and motion tracking based on easily expandable platform. All of these capabilities in a single application of exceptional value for specialists in computer graphics. Maya 2011 can now run on 64-bit platform, Mac OS X. The new version improved user interface, procedures, character animation and interaction with the viewport, adds new features 3D editing, built-in color management.

Maya for film industry
From imaging films even before shooting the first frame to create a spectacular, worthy of an Oscar-effects or stereoscopic productions - Autodesk Maya 3D animation studios and artists to give every opportunity to improve the quality and workflow efficiency.

With the help of Autodesk Maya, you can:
* Join a community of experienced and talented artists
* Create 3D animation for pre-visualization
* Modeling, animation and lighting to create realistic characters, environments, and performances
* To form a more effective, targeted at working together and at the same time, individual work processes, combines the capabilities of Autodesk MotionBuilder , Autodesk Mudbox , Autodesk Flame , Autodesk Smoke and related third-party programs

Maya for game development
Autodesk Maya is an integrated software solution for 3D modeling, animation and rendering, based on open architecture. It is chosen by the producers of computer games that require a high level of control over the product creation process.

Maya provides:
* Access to a community of experienced and talented artists
* A comprehensive set of specialized tools for editing keyframes nonlinear transformations and character animation.
* A wide range of tools for modeling polygons, separating the surfaces and creating textures
* Ability to create and edit industry-standard image formats and hardware shaders, including the creation of maps and luminance maps Texture transfer between models of different topologies and with different resolutions
* Scripting language Python , and Maya Embedded Scripting Language (MEL), as well as a full-featured API-interface, enable you to adapt and scale tools being introduced.

New Features:
Improved user interface
Products for 3D animation, Autodesk Maya 2011 provides improved interaction with users on all supported platforms (operating systems, Mac OS X, 32 - and 64-bit Windows and 64-bit Linux ) through an updated user interface, with its contemporary design, the ability to attach items more flexible means of editing, advanced color picker and the browser files. In addition, new nodes in the browser function Hypershade has anchor points for the categories listed, making it easy to search and easy access to frequently used sites.

New solutions for 3D assembly
New features 3D assembly in Autodesk Maya 2011 helps accelerate the pre-visualization and the creation of virtual movies. The new tool set sequence of frames (Camera Sequencer) allows the use of one of animation frames from different cameras. You can start to create a sequence of frames in Maya and import of the mounting assembly program plan (EDL) in the formats Apple Final Cut Pro XML, or AAF with information about the video, audioryade and time codes. Then you can change the frame timing to create alternative versions and play sequence of frames in Playblast. If desired, the serial can export frames in EDL format for further processing in a program for installation.

Accelerated process of skinning
Autodesk Maya 2011 enables you to quickly perform advanced skinning characters with more realistic deformations. New features include: dual quaternions, interactive binding volumes, improved tool coloring shell weights (Paint Skin Weights), mirroring weights deformers and mode of decay for surface deformer envelope (Wrap deformer).

Transfer of non-destructive real-time traffic
Reuse and updating of data on motion-capture animation, and other data are accelerated and simplified through libraries Autodesk HumanIK (HIK). These animations can be moved from one character to another, viewing and editing the results in real time without having to re-baking textures.

Improved work with digital objects and associated files
Thanks to Autodesk Maya 2011 simplified segmentation, reuse and sharing of data with treatment or without recourse to external files. Data is exported or imported as a stand-alone file for flexible partitioning scenes, and for the import, export or delete the edited external links do not need to unload. Among the new features adopted to improve work processes with the objects - creating objects with the transformations (DAG-objects) that can be placed in space, to establish parent-child relationships between them to create their occurrence and to communicate with the light sources. In addition, improved procedures for creating objects from a template, auto-linking patterns based on the custom textures and support for other graphics functions.

Color Management
In Autodesk Maya 2011 can operate in the context of the color space to be used in the final draft. This contributes to making the right decisions and the preservation of the creative idea. Working color profile can be set globally, making an override for individual textures and render passes. Override the color profile by using the newly introduced support for 32-bit color palette in a window rendering, image display with color matching tables (LUT), as well as the contrast, exposure, tone conversion and gamma correction. Color management is carried out by mental ray for Maya. To support other renderers to take advantage of a powerful API-Interface.

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