1 Jan 2011 | By: lilie

Internet Explorer 9.0 Platform Preview

Internet Explorer 9.0 Platform Preview 6 | 16.69 Mb

Windows Internet Explorer - is the next version of the most common web browser in the world, created for the convenience of the users on the Internet. IE is faster, easier and safer to work and to optimize opportunities for developers and users when dealing with Web services. In addition, new featuresInternet Explorer offers a faster, simpler and safer ways to navigate through Web pages.

- It is safer than their predecessors
- Independent of settings - a failure on one of them will not hang the browser as a whole
- Supports the advanced technology Web Slices
- Optimized internal search
- Support for standards
- Integration with OS

What's New in Internet Explorer 9 1.9.8006.6000 Platform Preview 6:
· Platform Preview 6 introduces two new major HTML5 features along with bug fixes and performance enhancements made since the release of Platform Preview 5 and the Internet Explorer 9 Beta. The HTML5 features include CSS3 2D Transforms, which provide a simple, declarative way to translate, rotate, and scale elements in two-dimensional space.Platform Preview 6 also now recognizes HTML5 Semantic Elements as object type HTMLElement and provides default styling for them. It also continues to improve the developer experience, with built-in javascript formatting in F12 that quickly turns unreadable, minified code into nicely formatted javascript for easier debugging.

Homepage : www.microsoft.com

Note:  setelah dicoba Tidak cocok untuk basic windows-xp.