1 Jan 2011 | By: lilie

Download Gratis Software Bantu Untuk Guru: Teacher Studio 1.2

                                              Teacher Studio 1.2.427 | Mac OSX | 10 Mb

Teacher Studio is a unified set of tools which are designed by a teacher to help other teachers with their daily tasks. With tools such as a grade book, attendance “sheets”, student management, seating assignments, schedules and more - Teacher Studio will simplify your tasks and keep you organized.
Here are some of the things Teacher Studio will do for you:

Dashboard: lets you quickly view information that pertains to a certain class (such as due/will be due documents, student absences, lesson plan, class vitals).

• Schedule: Teacher Studio tightly integrates with iCal, meaning that all your classes are populated into iCal.

• Lesson Planning: plan your lesson for the day (or multiple days) and view it on the dashboard.

• Grade Book: Teacher Studio has a built-in “smart” grade book which will add or remove students on the fly to any homework, tests or quizzes you create.

• Attendance: Each class has it’s own attendance “sheet” for the day. All you have to do is select the class (or have Teacher Studio on auto-attendance mode) and click on a few checkboxes.
• Many more features.

sumber : http://www.lomation.com/teacherstudio
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