19 Feb 2011 | By: lilie

Microsoft Windows Xp Home Edition Sata Support

Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition OEM SP3 SATA R 1.5 Deutsch [18.02.2011] | 727.85 Mb

Taken as a basis for a net distribution of Windows XP Service Pack 3 Deutsch. It has been integrated update packs, namely Windows XP SP3 Updatepack, All in One Runtimes (x86) Addon-Pack, Internet Explorer 8 Addon-Pack, WMP 11 Addon. Also integrated into Tweak UI and Hashtab. In the context menu option added to "open folder in Windows Vista / 7. Time is synchronized automatically with the server atomic time PTB.DE. Quick start is activated. Integrated a number of SATA drivers.

Ext. Information: release of interest to people who have the OEM key for Windows XP Home Edition. (the sticker on the laptop, computer) or simply bought in the free market. After installation you are already on all the updates, NET Framework, Java, Adobe Flash Player. Key in hand there. 


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